Cosmetic making white beeswax pellets

Cosmetic making white beeswax pellets

Model: ASFCP-03

Sample: Free sample

Payment term: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal

Product material: Beeswax

Product details

Our company is professional beeswax supplier in China, we can supply you cosmetic making beeswax, yellow color and white color, block and pellets type.


The pure beeswax specification as below:

Acid Value(KOH mg\g) : 0.85
Ester value((KOH mg\g): 0.55
Drop Melting Point(℃): 65℃
Saponification Value(KOH mg\g): 1.4
Hydrocarbon(%): ≤ 97%


Before you place order, you can get free sample from us. Please contact us for free sample. Thanks