Features of our beeswax foundation machine


Why so many customers choose our beeswax foundation machine, let me tell you the reason.


1. User Friendly desgin
Coated with a protective layer, our handlebar is not easy to be damaged inside. Also, it feels comfortable and not easy sliding to the touch;

2. High technical design
Using of numerical control technology brings an absolute boom for comb machine technology. Applied with numerical control engraving machine, our comb machine rollers have more precise and durable cell pattern;

3. Reasonable structure
Wheelwork part is another important part for this machine, There are two gears and one speed changing gear. Gear drive has features of reliable performance, compact structure, high precision and efficiency;

4. Saving labor
Electric machine is equipped with a 220V/50Hz motor, With motor, it is more easy to operate, you just need to push the button with your finger lightly, that's why we say it saves labor.

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