How to choose the right beesawx foundation machine


Regarding how to choose the right beesawx foundation machine, you have to know the following key points:


1. What is the target of the production?
We can provide the electrical and manual beeswax foundation machine. If you want to produce the beeswax foundation only for your own use and if you have enough time, you can use manual beeswax foundation roller. If you want to build a factory to produce the wax foundation for sale. You will have to use the electrical wax foundaton sheet machines to get enough capacity to get more production.

2. What kind of bees do I keep?
If you have decide to used manual beeswax machine or electric machine, then you have to clarify what is the cell size that suitable for your market. This depends on what kind of bees do you keep. Usually Chinese bees' cell size is 4.7mm and Italian bees' cell size is 5.3mm. As following is cell size measure way. Please use a ruler test 10 cells once then you can get the size.
If you don't know how to measure the size, you can also send our beeswax foundation sample to us directly and we measure the sample and tell you the size
3. What is the size of honeycomb do you use?
The third phase is you have to confirm the size of honeycomb sheet you use. we have different width machines for you to choose. You can also customize machines size according to your requirements.

4. Where and how to delivery?
Then we have to know where shall we ship or delivery the machine to? By ocean or by air. Cost is different based on different choice.


5. Beeswax foundation production
After you get the wax foundation machine, then you can start to make wax foundation as you want by yourself.


As beekeeping supplies, you also can choose other beekeeping equipments for self use or resale.