The alluring hive spreads beeswax steps


The alluring hive spreads beeswax steps

The temptation of the hive is people placed in the field, a special tool to lure wild bees into the natural, this requires a strong hive induced decay resistance, but also can't smell, so for the decoy hive smear has become one of the important ways of beeswax induced people to protect the hive, wax painted by a beehive a faint aroma of beeswax, bee induced can improve people's success rate, here is the introduction of decoy hive painted beeswax steps map, there is a need of a friend can learn about.



Steps of beeswax painting in beehive


1. Prepare the necessary tools for the hives to spread beeswax. The most important thing is not only hives and beeswax, but also a small basin, a stove and a brush for painting.


2. The furnace fire and adjusted to the extent of the fire, the small pot ready on the stove, the beeswax on the pot, heating with small fire slowly, a moment later, beeswax will melt into liquid like, then you can start the wax.


3. Before going to the hive with beeswax box cover off, take appropriate amount of liquid wax with a brush dipped from the hive, the internal brush, to maintain uniform coated in beeswax, not too thick or too thin. It's better to make sure the wax layer is five millimeters.


4. The hive inside smear beeswax, put it inside the box cover is coated end on beeswax, then began to paint the hive's appearance, if you think the beeswax price is high, the external hive can also select some wax for wax daub, corrosion resistance is strong, and there is no special odor bees, easy to accept, in all the smear after, to see if the hive is not the existence of the gap, if there is to make it smooth with beeswax.


5. After the hive is painted, should be placed in the shade, natural air dried, after three to four days, you can officially put into use.