Where is the honeycomb come from?


Where is the honeycomb come from?


The honeycomb has an important position in the bee colony, it is the bee home, where is the honeycomb come from is very curious questions, let me introduce to you.

1. When the bees honeycomb was built on the basis of man-made the beeswax foundation sheets,worker bees have played an important roles, they collect the beeswax build bee home in the beehive frame, so you see the honeycomb is their harding working.

2. Before worker bees make the honeycomb, man-made hive frame and beeswax foundation is very important step, we need to prepare hive frame, beeswax foundation sheet, fine wire and beeswax and other materials, also need some special tool like wax melting pot and catgut embedding device etc


3. When preparing these materials, you can buy bee hive frame according to your bee hive size, bee wax foundation and fine wire also can be brought directly, you can take beeswax directly from your other bee frames, no need to purchase.


4. After finish preparation, you can dig holes on the hive frame, wired it, install the beeswax foundation, then use the melting beeswax to reinforce the sheet onto the frame, all finished, you can put the frame in the hive for bee to build there honeycomb home, after some days, you will find a new honeycomb fullly of honey.


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