Where to buy the best beeswax foundation machine


Where to buy the best beeswax foundation machine, it is a big problem for European and north American beekeeping supplies, so this time, we recommend these people our beeswax foundation machine.

beeswax foundation machine for sale


The features of our beeswax foundation press machine:

1. There are 3 kinds of machine for you to choice: manual, electric wax foundation machine and fully automatic beeswax foundation machine. You can choose the suitable one according to your condition. Equipped with motor, manual one can turn into electric one. 
2. Using new numerical control engraving machine, which is special for bee comb foundation, our beeswax embossing rollers has a high precision. Compared with the traditional mode, computer engraving functions more standardized, more convenient to create exquisite durable comb pattern.
3. Beeswax foundation sheets made by our comb foundation machine have uniform thickness and each cell has a consistent size.
4. Reasonable structure, higher reliability, even mixing and high productivity.


If you are bee framer, we recommend you buy our manual beeswax foundation press, this kind is more suitable for a beekeeper. We provide the machine roller length is 195mm, 250mm, 310mm, 450mm, 500mm, each machine can make the beeswax sheet width as the roller size, the cell size is 4.9mm or 5.35mm, you can choose the one you need.


If you are interested in this kind beeswax foundation mould machine, please contact us in the below contact form, you will get our best price and machine detailed information. Thanks