Beekeeping stainless steel leather bee smoker for sale

Beekeeping stainless steel leather bee smoker for sale

Model: ASPYQ-03

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Product material: Stainless steel

Product details

Beekeeping smoker is used for driving bees. Bees will encounter a lot of smoke and suck honey produced avoidance behavior, abdominal suck honey bee sting is not easy to use, thus making bees docile. Spray the hair bellows chimney smoke is composed of two parts. Issued by the chimney combustion grate, cylinder cover composition. When used, the hay leaves Once ignited release in the combustion chamber, the cylinder cover cover, then compresses the bellows blowing, so that the smoke emitted. Smoke is used for checking the colony, take honey, bees merger, seductive queen bees and other administration.


Specification of this beekeeping bee smoker

Material: stainless steel

Size: diameter:10.5, height:20cm;

Package size: 28*12*12cm


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