How to make beeswax foundation sheets


How to make beeswax foundation sheets? Some beekeeper may think of about this questions on beekeeping to make more good beeswax comb foundation for the honey bees. Today, let us introduce how to make it.


The tools we need: a manual beeswax foundation machine, a desk, some stainless steel container(without cover), pure beeswax, a brush, some soapy water, ruler and a knife;

1. Melt the beeswax. Before make comb sheet, the beeswax should be melt and filter;

2. Put the liquid beeswax into the stainless steel container, then cooler the beeswax into block mold;

3. Put the beeswax block in 20 degree water, make the beeswax block soft, more easy to make sheets;

4. Use the brush brush come soapy water on the beeswax machine roller, then put the beeswax block in the roller, then press out the beeswax sheet with cell;

5. Use the ruler and knife cut the sheet to the size you need.


Now, you have made your own beeswax comb foundation sheet. It is really easy for you.