How to make foundation sheet use cement foundation machine


Cement beeswax foundation machine is also a common beekeeping equipment, this equipment is made by cement, before, there has no metal type beeswax foundation press, so beekeeper use cement to make wax press machine, are you interested in how to use cement foundation machine make foundation sheets, let me introduce the methods.


First, make wooden frame

Before make wax foundation, we need to make a wooden frame for the cement beeswax embossing machine, we choose 3 cm thickness fir strip, make 2 set rectangular wooden frame, dig some hole on the frame, tighten it side by side use metal wires.


Second, Casting cement

After finished the frame, find a smooth desk, put a bee wax foundation on it, put the finished frame above, then mix the pure cement into a paste and pour it into the wooden frame, the thickness preferably between six and eight millimeters, then pour into the sand cement, the thickness of thirty mm or so, made this one after another, all after brewing in water for about ten days.


Third, Install hinges and use

Install hings on the cement wax press machine, we can use it to make beehive foundation. Open the beeswax foundation mold, pour the melten beeswax into it, after cooled, get the  beeswax foundation sheets out, in order to get the sheets more easy from the press, wet it and smear honey water on the surface.


Now feel beekeepers use cement to make beeswax foundation sheets, the metal wax press machine is better. if you also interested in beekeeping smoker, honey extractor, bee hives and other beekeeping equipment, please contact us, all in all, we are professional beekeeping supplies.