What beekeeping equipment is needed for beginner beekeeper?


Maybe you are intersted in beekeeping or you just want to take one or 2 bee hive for bobby, now let's tell you what beekeeping equipment is needed for beginner beekeeper.


1. Bee hive is necessary, pine wood and fir wood is the best material to make beehive, 10 frames double layer beehive is your best choose, the hive contain 20 hive frames, queen excluder, if you want to collect propolis, you also need a propolis collection screen, if you also want to make royal jelly, queen frame;

2. Bee smoker, it is necessary for you to manage the bees, it can make it easy to drive away the bees from the beehive, make you collect the honey more convenient; do not forget that you also need smoker fuel;

3. Beekeeping suit, hat and gloves, these protest you from the bees hurt, make you close to the busy bees;

4. Hive tools, it help you install and fix the beehive, hive frame or other parts in the hive more easy;

5. Bee brush, clear the honey bees from the hive frames;

6. Honey extractor, if you are small beekeeper, a 2 frame manual honey extractor is enough for you;

7. Beekeeping book, you can learn more knowledge on the beginner process, so you can make little mistake and save you a lot of time one learning.


After you get these equipment, you can start your beekeeping career, if you need the above equipments, please contact us. Thank you for your time.

beekeeping equipment for beginner beekeeper