What color is better for printing the bee hives


Beehives are the most important beekeeping equipment when they are breeding bees. They are made from a variety of wood boards. After a good hive, in order to increase its ruggedness and resistance to wind and rain, On the paint smear, the color of this paint is not strictly required, people can choose, but the bee bee brush different colors of the paint is the effect of different, today we talk about the color of the beehives brush the best.


What color is better for printing the bee hives
1. The honeycomb can brush a variety of colors outside the paint, but relatively speaking, light color paint than the dark color of the paint better. Such as the beehives outside the white, you can better keep the beehive temperature in the summer to the excess sunlight reflected back to lay the foundation for the beehive cooling, particularly conducive to the development of the colony.
2. Beehives outside the brush and some of the color of nature similar to the paint is also a good choice, like green, blue, gray, white and other colors are love a good choice, because these colors are very common in nature, for Hidden beehives have great benefits that can reduce the external hazards of the beehives.
3. In the honeycomb paint should also pay attention to a bee field in the beehive brush into a variety of colors, and in use when the color of the beehives placed staggered, so conducive to bee farming, can reduce the bees back to the wrong situation happened. In addition, if you do not brush paint can also be directly coated with tung oil hives, tung oil coated with hives can not only increase the life of the hive, but will not appear smell, this bee was easy to be accepted by the colts.


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