Why you choose our Beeswax Foundation Machine


ASSEbee's Beeswax Foundation Machine is feature with Range, reasonable prices, high precision, deep cell space, hard texture, abrasion, long lifetime, it is not only recommended by most Chinese beekeeping association, but also every popular in North Amercia, European, Austrlia etc.


The following is seven main unique features of our beeswax machine:
1. The aluminum-toxic roller help you make best originic beeswax foundation sheet for your bees.  


2. Special smooth steel roller: we provide matched smooth stainless steel roller for the beeswax machine, manual and electric are provide for you to choose.


3. Cell room carving specification: Cell room is carved by new electronic CNC engraving machine, two cell room center distance (mm): Western Bee 5.33, China bee 4.62 Oriental bee cell room at the end diamond surface, obtuse angle 109 ° 28 ', an acute angle 72 ° 32 ', two diamond surface angle of 120 °, ours are international advanced level quality.


4. Material quality: crankshafts, gears and other major components tailor trim made of steel, the manul always have durable blue handle.


5. High-tuning accuracy: vertical and laterally adjustment make the bottom of the cell room diamond surface, uniform thickness, suitable biological characteristics for bees, worker bees spleen repair fast, queen spawning earlier and more.


6. Wheel automatically trimming knife: knife roller wheel assembly, septum pressure over both sides of the automatic cut, septum size standards, saving labor.


7. Comb foundation mill machine required to meet domestic machines, but also exported.